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Pricing Overview

First and foremost, Evolution Tattoo Removal was founded on the premise of making the best laser tattoo removal technology more affordable, and not overcharging our clients. We don't want you to be stuck between breaking the bank and living with a tattoo you don't love. Our pricing is straightforward in that we use a size-based system to determine the price per session. We will determine which size-range you fit in during your free consultation, but the following is a guide to help you get an idea before coming in to see us. We realize all tattoos are not perfect squares, so the guide below can also be used when estimating equivalent areas.

1" x 1"
$50 per session
1" x 1" - 2" x 2"
$75 per session
2" x 2" - 4" x 4"
$100 per session
4" x 4" - 6" x 6"
$150 per session
6" x 6" - 8" x 8"
$200 per session
Custom Size
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We understand the importance of being completely comfortable with a procedure before committing to treatment. Laser tattoo removal is as big of a decision as getting a tattoo applied. During your consultation, one of our certified laser technicians will go over the procedure, assess your tattoo, discuss how many treatments you may require based on a number of factors, and figure out a pricing quote that best fits your needs. A deposit will be required prior to treatment.

Packages & Special Discounts


We offer treatment packages and discounts designed to help save you more. We have a number of standard ones we can discuss with you during your consultation, but also make sure you are connected with us on Facebook for other promotions - we get bored if it is always the same, so we like to mix it up and keep it entertaining! 

Certain things we think we should always do, so ask us about the following: