Evolution Laser Studio has put a new points program in place to help you save more and to give you more flexibility!

From here on, you will earn one point per dollar of any service you purchase. Even if you purchase a service at a discount you still get the points you would receive as though you paid full price. You will then be able to redeem points for whatever services we provide at whatever the current point value Evolution sets for its services.

Cash in on your points: You can receive services by redeeming points, and all services are currently “priced” at 10 points per dollar. For example, you could receive a $100 service by redeeming 1000 points. *

Complete flexibility: Sell your points, trade your points, gift your points, buy other people’s points, or whatever else you would like to do with them! **

Points-only sales: Some sales or discounts may be only available with points. We may temporarily reduce the points needed to redeem for a service but not discount the dollar value of that same service. We want to show our loyal customers our appreciation and we feel this is one way we can do that! Stay connected on our social media to get the latest information on specials.

For people with existing packages: We understand times have been strange and there is a whole lot of uncertainty with almost everything right about now. Some of you with packages may have new priorities, some of you may have decided you want to use the money spent here for other services instead, and we even know a number of you have needed to move to new parts of the country making it difficult to receive ongoing treatments. We are offering a point exchange of 10 points per dollar at the current pricing for the remaining services in your packages. This effectively gives you all the flexibility of points without losing any value in the exchange. In fact, you actually gain value as the packages were purchased at a discount and you are getting the points related to the current dollar value of the individual services. If you want to convert your package, send us an email.

We always greatly appreciate Google reviews, but we can give you 500 bonus points now (that's $50 of treatment!) if you leave us a Vagaro review! Make sure you are logged in with your Vagaro account to get the bonus.


Do you have any friends or family that are interested in a laser service? Refer them to Evolution Laser Studio! Not only do you get 50% off your next treatment, they get 50% off their first treatment as well. Better yet, the discounts are additive, so you can stack two referrals and your next treatment is completely free. ***

* Services must be purchased in their entirety with points or with cash. It is not possible to redeem points in combination with cash for a service.
** Evolution staff must facilitate moving of points from one account to another, and the current owner of the points must authorize any exchange to another party. To initiate a points transfer, send us an email.
*** The referral must complete and pay for their first treatment for the referral discount to be credited to you. Referral discounts expire three months after the date of the referral's first treatment. Referral discounts cannot be transferred. Referral discounts can only be used for treatments, are capped at 100% for any single treatment, and are not applicable to package deals.
Points are not redeemable for cash. All terms subject to change. Evolution Laser Studio reserves the right to terminate any customers' participation for any reason at its' sole discretion.