LED Therapy

LED Therapy

LED Therapy


LED Therapy Overview


The Omnilux Medical LED line is the most powerful system on the market today leading to not only shorter treatment times, but end results unattainable by weaker systems. The clinically proven wavelengths and intensities enable optimized light energy (quantity and quality) in each application.

Our medical grade LED system has three wavelengths; blue (415nm), red (633nm) and infrared (830nm) each with a unique treatment head. When specific combinations and dosages of these three wavelengths are administered in prescribed treatment protocols they can provide impressive benefits to the look of your skin. These non-invasive, zero downtime treatments can show excellent results as a stand-alone or can be used in combination with traditional facial regimens for even more pronounced results.

With a rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, the LED wavelengths (individually or in combination depending on the specific treatment regimen) can be effectively used to increase collagen, elastin and growth factor production. The treatments can be tailored for wrinkle reduction, for addressing visible signs of photodamage, for the treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris, or for dyschromia of the skin such as pigmentation and rosacea.

The Competition

LED masks have been all the latest rage and while we are big fans of the LED light therapy concept, these masks just aren’t the same and are probably better-served served as props for a costume party. If raves are your thing, for sure grab one of these and take your glow stick game to the next level! Our medical-grade system offers densely packed LEDs to ensure that there are no pockets of under treated cells. If you are focussed on better looking skin, that’s where our medical-grade system comes in. While the masks have adequate LED illumination to glow, rarely can you find the specific wavelengths, intensities, and LED density to deliver the required dosages to attain the results you are looking for. While even Omnilux offers a mask-based system, this at home product suffers from the same spotty LED coverage. For uniform coverage with prescribed wavelengths and dosages there really isn’t a better option than the Omnilux Medial line. Remember, just because your eye sees a certain color doesn’t mean it’s the optimal wavelength for what you are trying to achieve!

Omnilux Densely Packed LEDs


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