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Pricing Overview

Evolution Laser Studio was founded on the premise of making the best laser hair removal technology more affordable, and not overcharging our clients. We believe in standing behind our work, and we believe in being fair with our customers. We invested in the best laser available today, and won't charge you extra for a guarantee or lock you into some multi-year payment scheme like others around. Usually hair is permanenty removed with our system in 6 to 8 sessions, but if you have one of those hair types that is harder to remove and hit 10 sessions (with us, and acourding to the schedule), we will take care of the rest on the house.

Below is our current price list. Please note this is our REGULAR pricing and all discounts and promotions are calculated from here:

Head / Neck

  • Eyebrows: $75
  • Chin: $75
  • Ears: $75
  • Full Face: $200
  • Lips: $75
  • Neck: $100
  • Nose: $75
  • Sideburns: $75

Arms/ Legs

  • Full Arms: $150
  • Half Arms: $100
  • Full Legs: $250
  • Half Legs: $150
  • Underarms: $150
  • Feet: $75
  • Hands: $75

Torso / Pelvis

  • Areolas: $75
  • Chest: $75
  • Full Back: $200
  • Half Back: $100
  • Bikini: $100
  • Brazilian: $200
  • Buttocks: $150
  • Lower Stomach: $75
  • Stomach: $150

Packages & Special Discounts


We offer treatment packages and discounts designed to help save you more. Make sure you are connected with us on Facebook and Instagram for more up to date promotions as not all of them will be listed here on our site. We get bored if it is always the same, so we like to mix it up and keep it entertaining!