COVID-19 Updates.

COVID-19 Updates.

COVID-19 Updates.

In these trying times of COVID-19 we are committed to keeping our clients safe and have taken a number of what we feel are necessary steps to ensure a clean environment for your visit. Here are just a few of the things we've done to ensure your visit is as safe as possible:

• We comply with all Maine CDC guidelines for the industry we work in, and stay current with any updates to these requirements.

• Our staff undergo temperature checks at the outset of every day and should anyone not feeling well will not permitted in the office.

• Masks are required at all times for both staff and clients.

• Our treatment rooms have always been cleaned and sanitized, but additional time has been added between clients to allow for additional sanitization.

• HEPA air purifiers have been installed in every room to clean the air during treatments and between clients.

• The waiting area is no longer open and clients are asked to wait outside the office space until their appointment time.

• In accordance with the October 13th, 2020 update to the Maine COVID19 Prevention Checklist Industry Guidance, treatments can now be performed that require brief removal of the client's mask, provided certain protective measures are in place.