Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

Pain-free laser hair removal is no longer a thing that resides with unicorns in the mythical land of fairy tales. With Maine's only Astanza ReSmooth laser, Evolution Laser Studio is making pain-free a reality in the Northeast.

Building on the same premise as its sister company, Evolution Tattoo Removal, Evolution Laser Studio only invests in the best laser technologies and offers treatments at reasonable prices. Merging backgrounds in laser physics with with years of aesthetics medicine experience, clients can rest assured they are experiencing the best technology out there in the hands of someone who can use it safely and to its full potential.

Photofacials and Acne Treatment

Did we mention this Astanza ReSmooth laser is awesome? Despite quickly gaining its prestige as the leader of the pack in the hair removal scene, this laser is not a one trick pony.

Light energy can provide many benefits to the skin, which are largely beyond the scope of this brief paragraph. Suffice it to say that regular treatments with the light pulses from this machine can have a dramaticaly positive impact on the health and look of the skin.

We offer a suite of services that we would be happy to discuss with you. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation!

Experience Matters

Technology is important, but a laser in the hands of the wrong person can be problematic as is well illustrated in pretty much every Star Wars movie ever. We made the investment in the technology, but we also made the investment in the people wielding it. You will never be touched by a laser that isn't operated by someone fully licensed to use that piece of equipment and perform the procedure you are here for. Our laser specialist has spent years performing the services we provide out West in the land of aesthetics where she honed her impressive skills in this domain.

Our staff is skilled and professional, but takes the edge off with a good dose of humor.


Evolution Laser Studio believes the foundation of great results is selecting the best technology, and will not settle for providing anything less. We invest in the technologies that give clients the best possible treatment rather than cutting corners with equipment exclusively for improvement of financial performance. Looking at the competitive landscape in the Greater Portland Area and beyond, it is surprising to find many practices are using either antiquated or second-tier equipment yet still charging a premium for service. The industry needs to evolve, and as such the Evolution family was born on the premise of providing access to the best technologies at reasonable prices.

In order to better serve you and your skin, we’ve invested in the industry-leading Astanza ReSmooth laser. This FDA-cleared system is trusted by leading dermatologists, skin experts, and laser hair removal providers nationwide, and is exclusively used at our Portland, Maine studio. The ReSmooth laser is the most advanced diode laser on the aesthetic market and goes above and beyond in efficacy, versatility, and pain-free treatments.

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